Pit Volume Totalizer

A volume monitoring system that measures, calculates, and displays readings from the mud system on the rig to alert the rig crew of impending gas kicks and lost circulation issues.


Pit Volume
Totalizer (PVT)


The Pason Pit Volume Totalizer (PVT) is a rugged and widely accepted pit volume measurement system. Praised by drilling crews for its functionality and ease of operation, this high-quality, microprocessor-based instrumentation package measures, calculates, and displays readings from the main mud system, trip tank system, return flow system, and the mud pumps.


The Pason PVT measures, displays, and provides alarms for the main mud system. Signals are collected from various sensors around the rig and used to calculate and display values in real time. An audible alarm may be enabled to alert the crew to abnormal or dangerous conditions that may need their attention. The Pason PVT system works in conjunction with Pason’s Electronic Drilling Recorder (EDR) and, when connected, real-time values are available both on the Pason PVT monitor, and within the Pason EDR.


  • Rig tough. Operates reliably under adverse weather conditions, and the main display unit is water tight. Readings are accurate, repeatable, and unaffected by temperature and humidity
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use, even for inexperienced crews
  • Has a "smart alarm" which eliminates false alarms while making connections
  • Makes readings easy-to-see in direct sunlight and complete darkness using a backlit LCD display
  • Operates under varying power conditions and works with any continuous voltage, ranging from
  • 85 to 145 volts AC
  • Approved for use in Class 1, Division 2 hazardous locations, Class 1 Zone 2 and is certified by CSA to be suitable in these hazardous locations
  • Compatible with the Pason SideKick


  • PVT Pit Bull monitor: Acts as the heart of the system, containing all the controls, switches, and alarms. Typically, it is mounted near the driller's console
  • Junction box: Provides a safe, convenient place for making the wiring connections
  • Mud probes: Measure the volume of drilling fluid in each individual tank
  • Flow sensor: Measures the relative amount of mud flowing in the return line

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