About Us

Throughout its history, Pason has continually developed innovations that have dramatically changed the way customers work and collaborate at the well site and the office.


Board of Directors

James D. Hill
Chair of the Board
James B. Howe
Lead Director, Chair of the Audit Committee
T. Jay Collins
Chair of the Compensation Committee
Judi M. Hess
Chair of the Corporate Governance and Nomination Committee
Marcel Kessler
President and Chief Executive Officer
Laura Schwinn


Marcel Kessler
President and Chief Executive Officer
Jon Faber
Chief Financial Officer
Timur Kuru
President and General Manager, United States
Kevin Boston
Vice President, Business Development
Russell Smith
Vice President, International
Reid Wuntke
Vice President, New Ventures
Lars Olesen
Vice President, Product Management
Ryan van Beurden
Vice President, Rigsite Research & Development
Bryce McLean
Vice President, Operations, Canada