VERDAZO Analytics

Visual analytics software that enables companies to optimize and target efficiencies through data-driven insights.



VERDAZO visual analytics software was built for the oil & gas industry, leveraging the collective expertise of hundreds of clients, industry experts and professionals. For over 10 years it has been used in over 100 companies across all disciplines.

The software connects to vendor and proprietary systems and integrates a wide variety of data sources, including production, financial and planning data. The team at Verdazo Analytics is currently working on integrating Pason drilling data.

VERDAZO enables a vast variety of analyses, including:

  • Type-well curves
  • Cumulative probability distributions
  • Competitor analysis
  • Optimizing completion designs
  • All aspects of operations including production and financial performance and performance to plan.

We love to work with companies that are striving to leverage data to improve decision making, enhance communication and collaboration and elevate the analysis capabilities of their entire organization.