Gas Analyzer

A system that detects changes in relative volumes of hydrocarbon gases at the surface without complex offline analysis and instrumentation. On demand, it also provides real-time compositional gas analysis of hydrocarbons and CO2.



An industry-first, the Pason Gas Analyzer provides on-demand, real-time compositional gas analysis of hydrocarbons (C1-C4) and CO2. This rig-tough system features a compact trap design that fits any shaker and decreases the need for trap height adjustment. Certified for use in hazardous locations, the Pason Gas Analyzer transmits all information to the Pason Electronic Drilling Recorder (EDR), where it can be analyzed at the wellsite or remotely via Pason’s live data viewer.


Innovatively designed, the system can operate as a standard total gas system until more comprehensive analysis is required. On demand, the Pason Gas Analyzer can provide hydrocarbon composition analysis of methane, ethane, propane, butane, isobutane, pentane and CO2*. Unlike a typical gas chromatograph, the system operates without the need for consumable carrier gases and long cycle times between readings. The system also automatically calculates and plots the wetness, balance, and character ratios for easy analysis of the formation.

*Butane, isobutane, and pentane are combined in the C4 trace.


  • On-demand gas composition analysis with one-second sampling. Runs like a regular total gas system until more functionality is required.
  • Maximum reliability. Contains few failure points due to its custom design
  • Low maintenance. Needs no field calibration.
  • Easy to transport. Travels with the rig and requires minimal set up time.
  • Improved design eliminates dependence on rig air, consumables, and carrier gases. Requires no additional materials to operate.
  • Constant monitoring. Uses self-diagnostics to display system health and operating conditions to ensure rig uptime.
  • More responsive data and no tubing to maintain. Responds faster to changes in gas composition and eliminates tubing maintenance because it is installed by the shaker.
  • Increased consistency of data. Uses a standardized trap and equipment from
    well to well.


Electric Gas Trap (Class 1, Zone 1 CSA certified)
  • Improved, patented automatic level compensation. Ensures consistent gas readings regardless of mud flow rate and automatically adjusts the trap height when mud levels change.
  • Proprietary, explosion-proof motor design delivers power and reliability.
  • Contains oversized bearings and double Teflon seals for a long life.
  • Integrated, automatically controlled heat tracing. Eliminates the need for filters, desiccant, and antifreeze at the trap.
Gas Analyzer (Class 1, Zone 2 CSA certified)
  • Industry-first, real-time gas composition measurement without the need for consumables or a cycle time.
  • Reliable and low maintenance.
  • Simple flow path with patented high-tech analysis hardware and algorithms leads to high functionality.
  • Integrated temperature and gas trap control means few external connections.

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