Hazardous Gas Alarm System

Detects the presence of combustible gases while providing visible and audible alerts.

Hazardous Gas
Alarm System (HGAS)


The Pason Hazardous Gas Alarm System operates with the Pason  Electronic Drilling Recorder (EDR).

If a hazardous rig atmosphere is detected, the system reacts immediately, sounding an alarm and flashing a strobe light. The system then posts a memo to Pason’s EDR permanent log stating when the alarm occurred. LEDs on the main control unit pinpoint the location of the alarms, sensor status, and potential equipment malfunctions.


  • Fully compatible with Pason‘s EDR
  • Real-time and constantly recorded data. Constant monitoring and recording of LEL levels in Pason‘s EDR or ESR allows for accurate, real-time information. Values can be viewed on field workstations and on the Pason DataHub. Data is accessible during drilling or service operations, and after the well is completed
  • Engineered to be easy-to-use and highly functional
  • Rig tough. It can be disconnected, moved with the rig, and reconnected in seconds by the rig crew with minimal training
  • Low maintenance. The LEL sensor only requires calibration every two years


  • Main control unit: Mounts near the driller's console and has status and alarm LEDs for all sensors in use.
  • Light and horn: The horn has a 117 decibel rating and the light has a two million peak candlepower lamp. Up to two light and horn modules can also be connected.
  • LEL Sensor: The LEL sensor has two selectable ranges for low and high values of alarm: 10%/20% or 20%/40%. At the lower alarm value, the light flashes and the horn "chirps". At the upper alarm value, the light flashes and the horn sounds continuously.