VERDAZO Analytics

Visual analytics software that enables companies to optimize and target efficiencies through data-driven insights.



For Business Users

Data access

Eliminate or reduce the time spent gathering both public and proprietary data necessary for analyses.

Analysis capabilities

Utilize a robust array of analysis tools, dynamic workflows, templates and reports applicable to industry, productivity and financial data sources.


Work with peers and share data analysis across departments and functional groups.

For IT Buyers

Data delivery

Ensure all areas of the organization receive consistent, reliable and repeatable data.

Enterprise scalability

The software scales quickly, efficiently and inexpensively to meet emerging business needs.

Data governance

VERDAZO helps enable centralized, consistent business logic and security.

For Executives

Corporate alignment

Create a single source of data truth. Align insights and communication across departments.

Optimize productivity

Augment human analytical capabilities and fuel inter-departmental innovation and collaboration.

Efficiency and optimization

Help your teams perform faster, more sophisticated analyses with limited resources.

Whether you’re an executive in pursuit of broad organizational efficiencies, an IT leader concerned about data governance or an engineer who wants to do faster, better analysis, we’re here to help.