Corporate Info


Board of Directors

James D. Hill
Chair of the Board
James B. Howe
Lead Director, Chair of the Audit Committee
T. Jay Collins
Chair of the Compensation Committee
Judi M. Hess
Chair of the Corporate Governance and Nomination Committee
Laura Schwinn
Marcel Kessler
President and Chief Executive Officer


Kevin Boston
Vice President, Business Development
Jon Faber
Chief Financial Officer
Natalie Fenez
General Counsel & Corporate Secretary
Timur Kuru
President and General Manager, United States
Bryce McLean
Vice President, Operations, Canada
Fiona Mueller-Thode
President, Verdazo Analytics Inc. (A Pason Company)
Lars Olesen
Vice President, Product Management
Russell Smith
Vice President, International
Ryan van Beurden
Vice President, Rigsite Research & Development
Reid Wuntke
President, Energy Toolbase (A Pason Company)


This is the Pason emergency website

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Founded in 1978 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Pason first specialized in designing remote drilling chokes for the Canadian land-based drilling market, and employed just five people. Since then, our strategic focus on unique, proprietary solutions and industry-best standard of care has helped us become a global industry leader, and now we’re expanding offshore.

Safety is of primary importance in the daily operation of Pason. It is our policy that all company employees conduct themselves in a manner that protects the health and safety of our employees, customers, and the environment.

Pason’s safety goal is to prevent all injuries. To achieve this, we must educate all employees about the importance of health, safety, and the environment.

We believe that a safe working environment has certain indispensable ingredients: management commitment, knowledgeable training personnel, and a conscientious work force, where each individual is dedicated to the principle that accident prevention is an essential part of the planning and efficient execution of every assignment.

It is the obligation of Pason to make you aware of all the known hazards that you may face in the course of your job. If you do not feel that you have been properly informed, it is your responsibility to inform your supervisor of your concerns.

Pason will comply with all Government regulations and client rules at all times.

Marcel Kessler
President and CEO