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  • Pit Volume Totalizer (PVT)

Measures tank volumes and flow rates from the mud system, alerting the rig crew of impending gas kicks, spills, lost circulation, and other well control events

Pason’s Pit Volume Totalizer (PVT) monitors mud volumes and flow rates during drilling, tripping, and casing operations using data collected by Pason sensors. Critical information is displayed in large, graphical, touch screen interfaces in various locations around the rig site and remotely via Pason Live™. Users can configure charting tools and set audible and visible alarms to be notified of unexpected changes in volume and flow that may indicate an impending well control event.

Supports 32 tanks and 4 pumps
Digital trip sheets
Flowback fingerprinting

Product Videos


Smart Range Alarm

Smart Range intelligently adapts alarm bounds to drilling activity while providing manual control to avoid unwanted alarms. Play video


Flowback Fingerprint

Monitoring flowback is one of the only ways to catch potential gain/loss issues during pumps-off events. Play video

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