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Access data from operations and events at the rig in real-time, anytime, anywhere.

Data collection

Sensors, computers, and networking infrastructure make up Pason's Electronic Drilling Recorder (EDR), which monitors and records drilling operations around the entire rig.

PLC integration capabilities enable data collection directly from the rig control system and third-party equipment.

Reporting tools enable rigs to record the details and events of daily operations.

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Data storage

Data and information collected from the rig is streamed to Pason's DataHub where it is stored securely for on-demand retrieval from anywhere in the world.

Pason's DataLink service provides direct connection interfaces for IT systems and analytics tools, a key enabler of drilling analytics.

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Data visualization

Using Pason Live™, office-based engineers and geologists can monitor rig operations in real-time using desktop computers or mobile devices.

Daily and end-of-well KPI reports provide visual statistics on rig performance, aiding in continuous improvement initiatives and helping customers understand where to focus their attention.

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Data transport

Real-time and historical analytical data directly from rig side equipment facilitating collaboration across teams.

Remote access to critical infrastructure for remote diagnostics and problem resolution decreasing downtime.

Standardized triple redundant infrastructure ensures first-person visualization of rig side events and processes.

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