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October 1, 2020

Customer service, great products, and an office culture that is second to none is something we all, as Pasonites, are proud of. As he takes on his new role, Jon Faber, our new President and CEO, is looking forward to continuing to build on the strengths of which Pason's success was built over the past four decades.

Jon comes into his new position following the retirement of Marcel Kessler, who served as President and CEO since 2011. Marcel succeeds Jim Hill as the Non-Executive Chair of the Board, and David Elliott is serving as Interim CFO.

Jon initially joined Pason as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in 2014, attracted to the company for its unique culture and leadership role in providing innovative technologies to the drilling industry.

During his time at Pason, the industry has gone through two significant downturns, first with the collapse of oil prices in late 2014 and now amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Throughout, Pason has maintained its leading industry position through continuing to delivering best-in-class service and compelling new products. Simultaneously, as the company has gotten smaller, it can adapt more quickly to changing industry conditions.

"Over the past several years, we've stripped away less effective work, and we're focused on doing things that matter," Jon says. "The velocity of development is faster now. We get things in front of customers and get feedback much more iteratively than we ever used to."

He adds, "We're more focused; therefore, we have more impact, more quickly."

"One of the positive impacts of the current pandemic has been how the organization has embraced the use of new technologies which allow us to communicate with our colleagues around the globe efficiently."

All in all, Pason is the same company we've always been, but with a more streamlined focus. We're doing what we do best. And we're doing it right — with talented, hard-working staff and an excellent office culture.

"I have never felt better about how we're doing on things we can control," Jon says. "We are much closer to our customers in terms of product development; the things we're rolling out are very closely aligned with our customers' objectives around increased use of analytics and automation; and we have the culture that's the envy of many. That all feels very good to me."

For more information on our Leadership Succession, please read our press release, or visit our About Us page to see our Board of Directors and Senior Leadership's updated bios.

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