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August 26, 2020

Excelling at your job doesn’t always mean honing skills that are directly related to your position. Sometimes developing soft skills like how to organize your email, how to keep a cool head when dealing with a difficult situation, or how to know the difference between anxiety, stress and pressure can help you succeed in your professional life — and Pason knows that.

Our employees are important to us at Pason, and setting them up for success is a top priority. In 2019, our Human Resources department conducted Employee Stay Interviews and the results were great! We know that our Pasonites enjoy working for us, but that doesn’t mean we can’t improve.

“Through our Employee Stay Interviews in 2019, employees were mentioning they’d like more training on soft skills and technical skills,” said Jennifer, Pason Canada Compensation HR Analyst.

The courses were set up through Pason’s HR department and the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), and all Pasonites, in all offices, had the option to participate!

The classes were virtual, which means our U.S. Business Unit (USBU) and the International Business Unit (IBU) can take part in their soft skills development with Pasonites from other offices. This virtual world has made it possible for Pason to connect our offices together in a way we didn’t know was possible.

“The feedback was very good with the breakout sessions and the ability for the U.S. and Canada teams to interact together,” Jenn said, adding that the courses were all in English.

The number of employees who took advantage of these classes was off the charts. Some sessions were doubled or even tripled because of demand from Pasonites.

“These were all customized with SAIT and our HR team to address the need requested by Pason’s management team,” Jenn said.

The response was excellent from Pasonites who participated in the half-day courses. Our employees were delighted with the opportunity to learn a different set of skills that may not pertain directly to their job, but can definitely help them professionally.

Here’s to more ways we can connect virtually in our business!

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