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May 22, 2020

You may be working hard from your home, but did you know that Pason’s Warehouse department is working hard from the Canadian head office?

Daniel and Kevin practising proper physical distancing while working in the warehouse.
Daniel and Kevin practising proper physical distancing while working in the warehouse.

The Warehouse team has been taking new public health guidelines with stride and working around physical distancing measures with no interruption to the company’s shipping and receiving.

Our Canadian head office’s warehouse team supports Pason, globally. From the U.S. and Latin America to Mexico and Australia, all shipping and receiving is handled through Calgary.

Prior to the pandemic, the team had five people working in the warehouse at one time. To keep our Warehouse employees safe, the team has been working in the office on alternate days in teams of two, according to Jenny, Pason Canada Manager, Warehouse & Logistics.

“Now, two people will work one day, and the other two people will work the next day,” she said. “We make sure we always have someone there who can support all global shipping and receiving.”

She added that the teams of two people are keeping physical distance from each other, and from the public they encounter daily.

Extra measures are in place to keep the Warehouse team safe, Jenny says. Now, the team stays behind the glass window in Receiving, separating the Warehouse department from the outside.

“Before, someone could walk in the double door and through the second door to talk to the receivers,” she says. “Now, they come in the first door and the second is locked.”

And although they are alternating days at the office, those who are at home are on-hand to provide help to their coworkers virtually.

This teamwork ensures that work gets done on time and operations running smoothly.

“That's the amazing part about these horrible circumstances. It hasn't affected our ability to work,” Jenny says. “All the shipping is going out; receiving is still getting received.”

Overall, Jenny is very proud of her team for weathering the storm that is this pandemic with ease.

“I'm just so proud of the whole group and how everyone has just managed to make it business as usual,” she says. “We’ve really just kept doing things the way we've been doing them.”

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