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September 24, 2020

Imagine curling up to a good fantasy book, set in an American Revolutionary War-style setting, complete with muskets and canons — and magic and monsters. Or, if you’re in the mood to laugh, reading a hilarious Hollywood satire about an action movie star, who gets kidnapped by mafia gangsters, and every tabloid stereotype gets dragged into the fight.

That’s only a snapshot of the creative mind of Jason, Pason Canada Field Service Technician (FST).

“I am compulsively creative,” says the author, who is now in touch with producers because of  Hollywood Hostage — of which he wrote under the pseudonym Jordan Road — to collaborate on a movie script.

“If that’s not enough, I just spent 18 months teaching myself to record, produce, and perform my first audiobook,” Jason says. The More than Monsters audiobook can be found on Audible.

Jason started as the first Field Technician in Manitoba when he joined Pason in 2011. Now, he’s based in Hinton, Alberta. 

What Jason enjoys most about his job is the fact that every day is different. He likes the challenge of meeting everyday expectations, all while making time to fix random issues that crop up here and there.

“Being dynamic and reactive makes every day a challenge, and the job is always new,” he says. 

Jason says it took studying Numerical Analysis at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon to realize that as an artist, his adventurous personality didn’t fit into a strict routine, which is why Pason works so well for him.

“I’ve always looked at my role as being the face-to-face support for customers that rely on Pason,” Jason says. “Out in the field, we’re getting dirty with the crews and building personal relationships.”

Besides his passion for writing novels, Jason and his family take every opportunity to visit nearby Jasper to hike, camp, and paddle. 

“Once a year, I’ll drag some university buddies for a multi-day backwoods adventure in the Rocky Mountains,” he adds.

Jason also recently celebrated 14 years of marriage with his wife. They have two kids together.

Jason’s books are available on Amazon. For more information on his writing, visit jasonriou.com.

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