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January 26, 2024

Not many people can say they've worked at the same organization for more than 20 years. That being said, Wade is nearing 22 years with Pason. He is proud to have been part of Pason's innovation in the oil and gas industry since he first started.

Wade is a Regional Manager (RM) for our Field Technicians in the Frontier Region.
Wade is a Regional Manager (RM) for our Field Technicians in the Frontier Region.

Wade is a Regional Manager (RM) for our Field Technicians in the Frontier Region, living in Dubai with his wife. He's been in that particular role for about five years, previously working as a Field Sales Technician (FSST) for our International Business Unit for six years. Before that, he worked for 10 years in our North American Business Unit as an FSST in the US. He's originally from Louisiana.

Wade started in the year 2002. "Back then, we only had cell phones with limited coverage, no camera and all data from the rig were transferred by an SAT modem on dial-up internet."

He added, "Calibration password may be the only thing that hasn't changed, but I have been proud to be part of the Pason team since day one and feel exactly the same today."

Wade will always be a Field Tech at heart. Although he's moved up the ranks and is now a Regional Manager, he loves working for a company that offers reliable products and a strong employee culture. He says a workplace like Pason is where any Field Tech would want to be.

"I have always loved constantly learning at Pason, but I really enjoy implementing technologies that allow us to support rigs globally from anywhere," Wade says.

As an RM, Wade is responsible for managing field operations in all countries that don't have a regional Pason office. The region ranges from Alaska to Iraq.

Daily, Wade always puts his best foot forward. This is important, particularly in our Frontier Region, to let potential customers know what Pason can offer.

"We want our customers to see how great Pason's system is," Wade says. "I think we are laying the groundwork for substantial market share success in these countries rig by rig. With our ability to deploy our systems simply and reliably, we are bringing Pason technology to some markets that haven't been available until now."

As for his life outside of Pason, Wade has enjoyed experiencing the culture of life in Dubai. He enjoys meeting the people but also spends time in his home state of Louisiana.

"In Dubai, I spend time restoring and upgrading my '90s Land Cruiser, and when home in Louisiana, I love saltwater fishing," he says.

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